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The „Green – Open List for Migration“ 

We are residents of Cologne. Some of us were born here, some of us were not. Together we want to shape politics for the people who live here – regardless of where they were born.

Political Participation

Every resident of Cologne, who lives here on a long term basis, should have the right to shape and participate in politics. We will stand up for everybody’s rights and seek to grant Non-EU-citizens the right to vote in municipal elections, as well. 

Municipal Administration

The municipal administration should be as diverse as the residents of Cologne. We will advocate for the idea that concepts acknowledging diversity will become mandatory in the administration of the City of Cologne.

Social Infrastructure and Health Care

Existing social and healthcare structures must be stabilised. Then, further social (care) infrastructure must be built up and strengthened. We will try to change the municipal funding of the “Intercultural Centres” from voluntary to mandatory. Furthermore, we aim to improve psychological, psycho-social and health care availability for migrants in Cologne.

Racism and Discrimination

BIPoC and people who fled or migrated to Germany are suffering from a massive rise in racist violence and segregation. We want to finally realise the installation of the memorial for the victims of NSU-terror in the Keupstr, and fight to make Cologne a space free from discrimination, segregation and racism.

Ecological and Social Urban Design – Green from the bottom up for everyone!

Ecological justice is social justice. This is why ecological ideas and concepts must become the main criteria for planning and developing the city. We will advocate the idea that every decision in urban development is viewed under the guise of its consequences and effects on the climate and the environment.

Education (nursery, schools, university studies, transition from school to work)

We aim for educational justice in all sectors of education, for all ages. Each sector needs the resources appropriated accordingly. We will advocate for the availability of full-time schools by implementing more diverse social institutions.

Cultural participation and leisure

Urban development should be as close to real-life as possible, and provide a well-balanced mix of housing, industrial, commercial and cultural spaces. We also aim to establish spaces for leisure-time activities and open spaces, which citizens will be free to shape and design themselves. We want to develop the space around the Hallen Kalk for the common good and establish a “House of Resources.”


We must improve the digital infrastructure in public institutions and in other areas such as emergency shelters for refugees and/or people without proper shelter in order to establish barrier-free access to education programmes and other types of information sources. We will advocate for the idea to implement the “Medienkompetenzrahmen” in the near future.


Our city must gradually become a less attractive place for driving a car. We will fight for free public transport for every resident of Cologne.


Our goal is to provide housing opportunities for anyone seeking a living space. We will stand against segregation, seclusion and gentrification. We aim to further expand the availability of non-centralized emergency shelters.


We want to step away from a “Principal of Demand” in order to establish a “Principal of Support.” The existing institutions that provide assistance for job seekers should be based on the needs and capabilities of the job-seeker. What is it that a person needs in order to be able to go to work?

This is what makes us open. This is what we fight for.

You “only” have to go to vote!

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