How and where can I vote?

  1. live
  • Sunday September 13th 2020 from 8am until 6pm in at the ballot box. The exact locations will be announced on September 15th 2020.
  1. Postal Voting
  • Write an email to:
    with the following information:
  • last name, first name
  • official addres
  • birthday
  • write a letter to: Stadt Köln – Die Oberbürgermeisterin Bürgerdienste Wahlamt Dillenburger Str. 68-70 51105 Köln Telephone: 0221 / 221-34567 Mail:
    Example of a letter and mail

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ich möchte am 13.09.2020 den Integrationsrat wählen. Bitte schicken Sie mir die Unterlagen an diese Adresse: XXX
Meine Daten sind:
Name: X
Adresse: X
Geburtsdatum: X
Vielen Dank und mit freundlichen Grüßen

  1. Direct Election: August 17th 2020 to September 11th 2020
    You are able to directly submit your vote here:
    A: Town Hall “Kundenzentren” (formerly known as Bürgerämter) in your respective city district, for example town hall Köln-Kalk, Kalker Hauptstraße 247-273, 51103 Köln ! Please schedule an appointment: 0221-221115

    For the following locations you don’t need an appointment:

    B: Automotive Center “KFZ-Zulassungsstelle”, Max-Glomsda-Straße 4, 51105 Köln (planned opeing hours between 9am and 5pm)

    C: Foyer of the Kalk-Karrees, Ottmar-Pohl-Platz 1, 51105 Köln (between 8am and 6pm)

    ! If you did not become a naturalized citizen in Cologne, but rather another city, you will not automatically receive a notice containing information about how to vote in the election. Please send in an application to the election offices to be included in the election registry and add a copy of your certificate of naturalization.